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I'm Angela


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I AM HERE FOR YOU with the mission and intention to empower and support you to start you transformation. To help you make the changes you have been thinking about, but most importantly to make them sustainable so that they easily become part of your new healthy lifestyle!!

I create a path of possibilities for you to ignite your SPARK and SHINE!! I know from my own experience that change can be challenging and that is hard to stay focused on our goals and stay motivated and ignited. This is why I am here for you!! Ive been through that!! And now I am here to help you and coach you through the whole process!! Making you accountable of your choices and keep you on the right path to achieve your goals!!

It all starts with one tiny step!! the most important one!! YOU realizing how great you are, how beautiful you are and that you are WORTH IT!!! You deserve to take the chance, to invest in yourself and to take the opportunity to make your life not only better but FANTASTIC!! At the end it is all for a greater good!! for a greater cause and purpose!! “Living a true healthy happy life!!”









angela's three pillars


Create a new success story that is congruent to the highest aspect of yourself.

Discover your purpose and walk on your path of LiFE happy


Become confident and empowered to make choices that promote your well being.
Discover a new creative, diverse and satisfying nutritious diet.


Make an impact in your LiFE and experience how as we workout, we work-IN.
Get MOVING, in shape, own your body and love it.




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