Food — Movement — Mindset

Food, Movement and Mindset are the three main areas where we can work together to create the life you love and feel passionate about! Whether you are thinking of changing your diet, getting your body moving, or connecting with your true self. I'm here to help you!

Are you ready to make a commitment and take charge of your LiFE, to make the necessary changes to achieve your goals but still feel scared or just don't know how, where or when to start?!

Look no further… I'm here to help you to get you started and stay committed to yourself and your health!


With LiFE SPARK, I offer health and lifestyle coaching services that create sustainable changes in three main areas of your life:

Food, Movement, and Mindset. 



If being able to open the fridge and come up with a delicious meal in less than five minutes, or maybe have a nutritious lunch to go and skip the restaurant sounds like something you would like to achieve, then you will benefit from working with me. You don't need to be a professional chef to be able to do this, and I will teach you the basics to get you cooking like a pro… I know how the simple question “So what do I eat now” might seem overwhelming, and a trip to the grocery store a nightmare when trying to figure out what is good for your health and your wallet. But once you get the hang of it with my easy, fun, and quick tips, you will be amazed on how easy it really is. I am inviting you to step into your kitchen with the attitude of a motivated student where you can have tons of fun!

  • Become confident and empowered to make choices that promote your well being.
  • Discover a new creative, diverse and satisfying nutritious diet.


A balanced diet and physical movement bring amazing benefits to our mind and when combined with activities that help us boost our self esteem, be motivated and to stay focused on making sustainable changes, the benefits will be even greater!!

You will learn to:

  • Create a new success story that is congruent to the highest aspect of yourself.

  • Discover your purpose and walk on your path of LiFE happy.


Perhaps you are a mover already and would like to try something new, or you feel that your exercise routine is not giving you the results you want. Maybe you have never stepped into a gym and freak out when you hear the word squat! Don't panic.. I am here to help you learn how to move with confidence! Whether you want to exercise at a gym, park, studio, or at home, my routines are a great tool that will make you reach your goals. Plus, I will give you the extra boost you need to stay motivated during that last rep!

By working together on this area, you will:

  • Make an impact in your LiFE and experience how as we workout, we work-IN.
  • Get in shape, own your body and love it.

Health and Lifestyle Coaching

Personalized and programed coaching sessions focused on implementing sustainable changes that will get you results and accomplishment of your goals on three main areas; Food, Movement and Mindset.

Sessions are 55 minutes each and are scheduled monthly or weekly. Can be conducted face to face or via Skype.

Movement Trainer/Coach

Personalized sessions focused on movement and exercise routines created specifically

for your needs and your level of expertise. 

  • TRX
  • Yoga
  • Plyometrics
  • Walking/Running
  • Boot Camp

Workshops and Presentations

Created to educate groups on topics such as Healthy Lifestyle, Stress Managment,

Movement, Healthy Cooking, Primary and Secondary Foods. 

Cooking Classes and Demonstrations

Watch, enjoy, and have fun while you learn how to create healthy and nutritious meals.

Classes are designed to meet your needs and can be for one person or a group.


Corporate Events

Motivational and empowering conferences and workshops focused on creating a healthier lifestyle and wellness, tailored to meet specific needs of leaders, professionals and employees. Stress management, breathing and meditation, team building, integrated nutrition 101, healthy eating when on the run, functional movement, wellness day event.

Support Groups and Community Gatherings

Social and community events created to open a safe and warm space to bring people together, to share ideas, likes, and empower healthy living, to grow and become part of the community. You can belong and be part of something!


Angela Orozco


Nací y crecí en Cali, Colombia y hace quince años decidí radicarme en Miami para terminar mis estudios en Psicología obteniendo un postgrado en terapia de pareja y familia. Después de trabajar varios años como terapeuta en centros de salud mental, descubrí que algo importante faltaba en mi carrera y mi vida. Me di cuenta que necesitaba hacer un cambio y buscando nuevas alternativas para crecer, encontré el Integrated Nutrition Institute y empece mi nuevo camino como Health Coach.

Esta nueva vision y profesión me ayudo a incorporar un enfoque integral hacia mi salud y la vida, y promovió el comienzo de mi transformación. Desde ese momento empece a implementar nuevos cambios, sencillos, pero permanentes en mi dieta y rutina de ejercicios, y también adopte la practica de la meditación y el Yoga. Al poco tiempo logre grandes cambios y al sentirme recargada física y mentalmente mi vida empezó a ser de nuevo muy excitante!!!

Motivada por mis resultados, continue explorando opciones para enriquecer mi vida y la de los demás. Termine mi entrenamiento como Health Coach, estudie diferentes dietas y enfoques alimenticios, y convertí mi hobby de hacer ejercicio, en un componente primordial en mi carrera profesional.

Con el propósito de compartir mi experiencia y ayudar a otros a crear una vida apasionante, cree LiFE SPARK o La Chispa de Vida! una compañía de servicios de coaching para la salud y estilo de vida, enfocada en lograr cambios duraderos hacia una transformación. 

He sido parte de AOMM TV desarrollando y presentando una serie de video clips acerca de la nutrición y el bienestar. También publique en la revista Yoga Journal en español.


Hoy, con el apoyo y el amor de mi familia, amigos y de mi hermosa hija Sofia vivo una vida que amo y disfruto apasionadamente. Disfruto la lectura, música y escribir. Me encanta moverme, correr, brincar, y practicar Yoga para mantenerme enfocada y al mismo tiempo activa.  Facilmente, puedo perderme en el supermercado explorando nuevos productos y gastarme horas experimentando y jugando en la cocina. Pero definitivamente lo que mas me llena el corazón de alegria es reirme fuertemente y disfrutar de la compañia de mis amores!!

Quieres saber como logre crear una vida que me apasiona?
Hablemos, seguro podré ayudarte!